Kick & Roll Classic 2015 Registration is Now Open

Kick & Roll Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Event 2015

Kick & Roll Classic season is here again!

This past Sunday on Mother’s Day, we opened up registration for our 2015 Kick & Roll Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Event in honor of our President George Kiel III’s late mother – Debra Kiel – who lost her battle with colon cancer in 2014.

The registration process features three options this time around: Team Captain, Team Member, and Individual. Each pays the registration fee and provides information including jersey, shorts, and shoe size.

If you are registering as a team, the Team Captain must register first and give the Team Code to the other Team Members before they can sign up. If you do not have a team, you can register as an individual and we will help find you a team for an additional $5 fee. Register now for our July 25th event at the link below!

Register for the Classic

Introducing the Kick & Roll Open Gym

Kick & Roll Open Gym

As an extension of the Kick & Roll Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Event, the Kick & Roll Open Gym sessions are free, sneaker-themed monthly pickup basketball gatherings designed to raise awareness for colorectal cancer, encourage a healthy lifestyle and build a rapport within the communities we serve through themed, non-monetary donations. The themed donations will go to specific groups and/or entities we target each month in hopes of bettering the overall state of colon cancer. Although free to the public and participants, only the first 25 people to register will be allowed to play in the Open Gym sessions and to play, participants must donate a non-monetary gift to the theme we choose for each particular month. We will have a videographer and photographer on site to catch all of the action in regards to basketball highlights and what participants are wearing on their feet. The goal is to develop a network of participators all around the world who contribute to the cause while doing something they normally do, which is play basketball. The Kick & Roll Open Gym sessions will take place in one city for three months at a time, and then it will land in another city. This pattern will continue throughout the year. Austin, Texas is our first setting – January-March.

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